Experts: Britain Has the Ability to Set Up Its Own Satellite Navigation System.

On May 9th, Colin Paynter, Managing Director of Airbus Defence and Space UK, said that Britain is able to set up a satellite navigation system equal to Galileo Satellite Navigation System in European Union, and the cost is estimated to be at least 3 billion pounds (4.06 billion dollars).

After Britain’s Brexit, EU attempts to constrain Britain from accessing the sensitive information from Galileo Satellite Navigation System. Thus, Theresa May, British PM, once urged Britain to prepare countermeasures. Galileo Satellite Navigation System led by EU, GPS led by the United States, GLONASS led by Russia, and BeiDou led by China, are known as the four international satellite navigation systems.

On a committee meeting of British parliament, Paynter said that, technically, it is available for Britain to build a satellite navigation system that can function as Galileo Satellite Navigation System can. And if Britain starts to build a satellite navigation system similar to Galileo Satellite Navigation System, it will at least take 3 billion pounds to 5 billion pounds depending on specific requirements.

He also stressed that the reason why the building period will last for 4 to 5 years is that the building process will take Galileo Satellite Navigation System as reference, but not to completely copy it.

As the European plane-maker, Airbus farms a lot of research and development missions of Galileo Satellite Navigation System out to its British branch. Airbus UK has most of the shareholder rights of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited which makes satellites for Galileo Probe.

According to the agreement between Britain and EU, Britain will leave the EU in March next year. Thus, Airbus British branch and other British companies are undergoing refusals of future research and development work of Galileo Satellite Navigation System. Painter said that during the past decade, Airbus has been locating the ground control systems of Galileo Satellite Navigation System in Britain, but recently Airbus is taking measures to transfer them out.