China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp Builds Smart Industry Service Platform

A few days ago, on the opening ceremony of Smart Industry General Department of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation (CASIC), the smart industry alliance was established. The alliance is aimed to provide better products and services for the customers, creating a wider market space for smart industries.

Relevant people in charge of CASIC said that the establishment of smart industry alliance will draw attention and support of the society, and encourage the participation of smart industry, letting more domestic and international competitive companies get integrated with the development of smart industry. And a more optimized smart industry ecosystem will be formed via the coordination between technology, research and development, market etc.

In recent years, CASIC regards “serving national strategies, serving national defense, serving national welfare and people’s livelihood” as the fundamental requirements, puts forward the strategic objective of becoming construction vanguard of a smart nation, and lists smart industry as one of the four mainstay industries of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp for development. Currently, the smart industry concept and technology system of CASIC have already been applied to fields such as Wisdom City, transportation, agriculture, forestry, tourism, environmental protection, security, pipe networks, FDA etc. The Smart Industry General Department of CASIC established this time will collect the resources inside and outside the corporation to start top-level planning of smart industry and promote the development of it.