Gaofen 5 Satellite Successfully Launched! Its Carrier Rocket Long March 4C newly Equipped with BeiDou Navigation System

China successfully launched the Gaofen 5 (GF-5) satellite with the Long March 4C (LM-4C) carrier rocket in Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at 2:28 on May 9.

Among the Long March rockets in our country, the Long March 4C rocket, which launches the Gaofen 5 satellite, is quite mature. Mature as it is, researchers have never stopped innovating it.

According to Wang Yijun, Chief Designer of the Long March 4 series, there are eight technical changes on rockets, involving several subsystems such as the body, the structure, the attitude controlling engine, the control system, the telemetry system, and the external safety system. Among them, the high altitude wind load shedding technology and new integrated navigation system are applied for the first time.

“Upper level wind” is a severe threat to rockets. The upper level wind load shedding technology can reduce the additional load caused by lateral wind and improve the rocket’s adaptability to wind field. Unlike in the past, this rocket carries a self-developed integrated navigation system developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology on the basis of the original integrated navigation system. The system adds a BeiDou navigation mode alongside the GPS and GLONASS modes.
 The successful launch of Gaofen 5 satellite was the 274th launch of the Long March carrier rockets and the third successful launch of the Long March 4C rocket at two bases in more than a month.