The 2018 Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Technology and Equipment Summit “BeiDou ++ Thematic Forum” Successfully Held in Beijing

On the afternoon of May 7, 2018, the “11th China International Defense Electronics Exhibition Surveying and Mapping and Geographic Information Technology and Equipment Summit BeiDou + + Thematic Forum” was held in China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Renowned Chinese experts were invited to make detailed presentation on the technological breakthroughs of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System in recent years and the applications and achievements in various fields such as transportation, marine fisheries and rescue and disaster relief. The experts also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the application of BeiDou in military-civilian integration, the “Belt and Road” initiative and big data.

The forum was jointly organized by the Junce Qilian (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and CEC Expo and sponsored by China Big Data Technology Communication Alliance, Zhongguancun Association of Strategic Emerging Industry, Beijing Haidian SME Association and Defense Cloud (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.

General Yuan Shuyou, former Director General of the Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of the General Staff Headquarters, approached relationship between the BeiDou and military-civilian integration from a strategic perspective and proposed the integration of concepts, policies and regulations, institutional mechanisms, technical standards and resource. He further proposed that the BeiDou system should integrate with big data, mobile communications and smart life so as to play a more prominent role in enhancing civil-military integration.

Wang Li, Director of the International Cooperation and Research Center of the China Satellite Navigation Office, gave a detailed introduction to the BeiDou/GNSS center at the forum, the role and significance of setting up the overseas center and the overall structure and main functions of the center. The BeiDou/GNSS Center has positive significance for enhancing BeiDou’s international influence and promoting the BeiDou to go global.

Prof. Han Chunhao of the Beijing Satellite Navigation Center introduced the technologies of BeiDou time base and timing service with concrete cases and in vivid language. He also explored the role of time, a seemingly ordinary concept, in modern national defense and economic development. He further elaborated on the definitions, engineering and precision indicators of BeiDou system time and the time service base and discussed about the the problems that need attention in the design and application of the BeiDou timing terminal. He also discussed with the participants about the UTC’s future and the leap second.

Yang Kun, the deputy director of the Tianjin Research Institute for Water Transport Engineering of the Ministry of Transport, cited the salvage of “Sewol”, a typical international offshore salvage project to highlight the combination of offshore salvage and modern marine surveying and mapping technology. He mainly elaborated on the application of marine surveying and mapping in the salvage of the sunken “Sewol” ship, the sweeping survey and position monitoring for the salvage of sunken ships, overwater and underwater positioning technology for the navigation of construction ships and the prospect of BeiDou application in sea navigation.

Gu Shouzhou, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping, discussed about the “mass applications of BeiDou high-precision positioning”. He started with an introduction to the development of the BeiDou system and the construction of ground stations and further presented BeiDou positioning performance on the Andriod platform of the mass users’ terminals in two different service models of WADGPS and LADGPS.

During the forum, series science books on BeiDou compiled by General Yuan Shuyou were extensively acclaimed. The series was composed of “100 Questions on China’s BeiDou” and “100 Cases of BeiDou Application”. The books, the first of its kind, have been recommended by academician Sun Jiadong and General Piao Qingjun who wrote precludes for the books and reviewed by academician Shen Rongjun, academician Long Lehao, academician Fan Benyao, academician Xu Qifeng, academician Yang Yuanxi, academician Tan Shusen, chief commander Cen Zheng of BeiDou rockets and chief engineers Xie Jun, Zhou Jianhua and Wu Guanghui of BeiDou satellites. On the books 100 representative questions and in the form of Q&A provide basic knowledge on satellite navigation and the space components, the operation and control parts and the application of the BeiDou system. The books fully demonstrate new theories, new technologies, new methods and new achievements in the construction and application of the BeiDou system.

In a short period of five years since China announced the operation of the BeiDou-2, the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System has developed rapidly and found its way in all industries and sectors. As the BeiDou grows further in the future, it will represent another major contribution of China to the world.