The Beidou Navigation Satellite System and the Lunar Exploration Project Were Introduced in the Special Activity for China Space Day Held in Macao

The 2018 China Space Day Seminar in Macao was held on April 24 at the Macao Science Museum. Representatives from the Scientific Academia and the educational sector, heads of schools and nearly 400 high school students in Macao participated in the event.

Liang Huiqi, Deputy Secretary of Education and Youth Affairs of Macao Special Administrative Region, expressed in her speech that China’s space industry has registered remarkable achievements in recent years. For example, many Beidou satellites have been launched and the Lunar Exploration Project has been carried out. People are proud for the achievements obtained in China’s aerospace. The Macao SAR Government has always been committed to promoting the science education in Macao. It is hoped that through this seminar, young students will come to know the development and achievements of China’s aerospace, enhance their love for China as well as love for Macao and intensify the sense of national pride as a Chinese, and learn and carry forward the spirit of exploring with unremitting efforts and pursuing dreams with tremendous courage.

While addressing the speech, Ma Zhiyi, Chairman of the Executive Administrative Committee of Macao Science and Technology Development Fund, also expressed that the fund will continue to support the continued development of science and technology and further popularize scientific knowledge in Macao. He encouraged students to study hard, forge a noble feeling of patriotism toward China and a love for Macao and a noble spirit of unremitting self-reliance, and strive to make due contributions to the realization of Chinese Dream as well as that of Chinese Space Dream, and to the building of a better Macao.

In the event, Zou Yongliao, director of the Department of Moon and Deep Space Exploration of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Xu Ying, a researcher at the Institute of Optics and Electronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, were invited to hold discussions with young students and introduce to them aerospace knowledge about the Beidou Navigation Satellite System and the Lunar Exploration Project.

The students of Macao participating in the seminar were in an active mood to ask questions and the seminar went on in a warm atmosphere. Some students expressed that this is a valuable opportunity for them to take part in the seminar to learn a lot of knowledge beyond textbooks, which has aroused in them interest in scientific exploration; in addition, they also come to know achievements of China’ aerospace industry and feel a sense of pride as a Chinese.
 In 2016, the State Council designated the day of April 24 each year as the China Space Day. Macao has held two special activities for China Space Day two years in a row since 2017.