Shanxi: Holding Series of Activities of the “China Space Day” to Promote the Integration of Military and Private Sectors

On April 19, the Information Office of the People’s Government of Shanxi Province held a press conference to introduce the activities of the “China Space Day” in 2018 in Shanxi and its military-civilian integration in the aerospace field. In the period, Shanxi will allow the public to get direct exposure to the space facilities such as satellite remote sensing images by opening up venues, holding science lecture, and displaying the fruits of the industry.

Shanxi is one of the birthplaces of China’s military industry. The first arsenal of the Eighth Route Army was located in Huangyandong, Licheng County, Shanxi Province, where there is a production base of satellite launch towers, the largest one in China. Here many auxiliary products of some companies, universities, and research institutes are adopted in many space launches.

Shanxi, a reform pilot region with transformation of resource-based economy, is developing a strategic emerging replaceable industry. In recent years, Shanxi has made remarkable achievements in fields including rocket propulsion systems, launch systems, navigation for telemetry, tracking, and command, and new aerospace materials. Many technologies are adopted in space equipment, satellite launches, and astronaut training, including satellite launch platforms, launch towers, high-end carbon fiber, space radiation protection, and products for sports in space as well as the Beidou navigation system, and high-resolution ground observation.

Wu Zebing, the deputy party secretary of the Shanxi Province National Defense Science and Technology Industry Office, introduced that in 2018 in the field of defense science and technology industry, a group of projects will be launched and another group of projects piloted. Some projects will be replaced and some be promoted by technology in Shanxi. To promote military-civilian integration, platforms on the industry financing and coordinated innovation will be built.

In the future, Shanxi will encourage the civilian use of aerospace science, technology and products to reap the maximum social and economic benefits.

Also, on the upcoming “China Space Day” Shanxi Province will hold a series of activities such as the flag raising ceremony, venue opening day, and science lectures and industrial exhibitions. From April 21 to 22, Shanxi Science and Technology Museum will display activities with the themes of space robots, producing the moon, the dawn of the space century, and pursuing the dream of Beidou to the sky; On April 24th, the National Earth Observation System with High Resolution and Data and Application Center of Shanxi (or High-Resolution Shanxi Center) from Taiyuan University of Technology, a key laboratory at North University of China and Taichong Exhibition hall will also be all-day accessible to students. The audience will intuitively come into contact with satellite remote sensing images and satellite towers models, advanced sensors of extreme environment, data recording equipment and other space facilities.