Shanghai: Leaders of Express Delivery Industry Gathers in “Beidou + Intelligent Express Delivery” in Qingpu District to Promote Inner-Industry Integration

When it comes to “express delivery,” most people will not see it as a high-end industry but often relate it with large container trucks, battery cars running around the street and massive piles of parcels like small hills. Why does Qingpu choose to join the express delivery industry?

In fact, in the first place it was the express companies that “embraced” Qingpu: Shentong, established in 1993, relocated to Qingpu in 2007; Debang was established in 1996 and moved to Qingpu in 2009; Yunda, founded in 1999 and relocated to Qingpu in 2009... Many private businesses “took the same route” and invariably chose Qingpu as their homebase. Qingpu enjoys advantageous location and abundant transportation resources, making it an excellent place for the development of the express delivery industry. The principal of the Qingpu District Economic Commission told reporters that as the express delivery industry “embraced” Qingpu, Qingpu also in turn “embraced” the express delivery: “Supporting the express delivery industry is very important for making use of the location advantage for the development. Qingpu is suitable to provide service for the express delivery industry. In addition, the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years and the increasing dependence of many people on online shopping prove the enormous potential value of express delivery services. We hope people can enjoy more and more convenient express delivery services.”

Qingpu has launched a number of measures to promote the healthy development of the express delivery industry. These years see a series of policies successively compiled including “Suggestions on Promoting the Healthy Development of the Express Delivery Industry” and “13th Five-Year Plan for the Express Delivery Industry in Qingpu District”. They create a favorable environment for the industry in terms of coordination mechanisms, industrial safety regulation on the industry, the planning and linkage of the industry, land supply, specific financial support, and insurance of human resource. Today, the express delivery is attached great importance in its development by Qingpu District and Qingpu has become an important headquarter base for the economy of China’s express delivery industry. Express delivery and e-commerce make the development of the other possible. Online shopping allows consumption to boom and express delivery allows online shopping to have parcels delivered. Behind every single online deal is pieces of offline parcels. To keep pace with the development of e-commerce, Qingpu District helps the express delivery companies to “improve competitiveness” by focusing on informatization, automation, and standardization. The stereotype image that “the express industry is large but not competitive” is gradually changing in Qingpu.

At present, more than 6,000 logistics vehicles of Deppon Logistics are equipped with Beidou/GPS positioning terminals. The whole logistics and distribution process is monitored. The intelligent logistics data can be used to analyse the problems and optimize in the logistics process. This benefits from the Qingpu District’s support to logistics companies to expand to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain: Previously, Qingpu promoted the establishment of the “Application Program of Express Logistics Spatial Data Center” by Shanghai Beidou Navigation Innovation Research Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Deppon Logistics and launched the project “Analysis and Application of Intelligent Logistics Spatial Data”. At the Inner-Industrial and Innovative Application of China’s Beidou Summit held in Qingpu this year, the Shanghai Beidou Research Institute took the lead and assembled the companies in Beidou Xihongqiao base to sign the framework agreement of “Beidou + Intelligent Logistics” strategic cooperation with the logistics companies in Qingpu, with a purpose of further promoting the inner-industry integration of Beidou navigation and logistics industry. In the future, Qingpu will further encourage the in-depth cooperation between the Beidou platform and that of express logistics.