Hainan: Nine Measures to Support Comprehensively Deepening Reform and Opening Up Promoting Integration of Satellite Navigation and the Real Economy

At the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of Hainan Province and the Hainan Special Economic Zone on April 13th, General Secretary Xi Jinping announced the CPC Central Committee has decided to support Hainan’s pilot zone’s construction, its efforts to gradually explore building a free-trade port with Chinese characteristics, and to establish a system of free trade port policies by stages and phases.

As a response, experts say that steady promotion of free-trade port with Chinese characteristics on the basis of Hainan’s pilot free-trade port is a major decision of institutional innovation.

Zhang Yansheng, one of the leading researchers at China Center for International Economic Exchanges, said, “it’s two-step work. The first is construction of free-trade port covering the whole island, which is a leap for pilot free-trade port we came up with in 2013. The second step is the construction of free-trade port with Chinese characteristics.” “What is the significance of free-trade port? It is the most open and regulated one which can bring together talents from all over the world. Then the global economy can be headquartered in Hainan which will become a new high ground for opening-up and economy development in our next step.”

Bi Jiyao, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research, commented, “on the basis of Hainan free-trade port, we’re able to facilitate international free-trade port construction. It’s an important step as well as an institutional innovation. So we’ll need all the policy support we can get.”

Nine measures to support comprehensively deepening reform and opening-up of Hainan

In terms of modern services, we need to focus on aspects including tourism, internet industry, medical health, finance and exhibits. We need to support Hainan’s construction of trade exchange locations for international energy, shipping, commodities, property rights, shareholder rights and carbon emission trading.

As for information industry, we need to positively advance the new generation of information technology industry as well as digital economy and deep integration between internet, internet of things, big data, satellite navigation, artificial intelligence and the real economy.

We need to strengthen the construction of the National South Breeding Scientific Research and Breeding Base (Hainan) and build national tropical agricultural science center. We also need to maximize and optimize distinctive and efficient agriculture and establish national tropical modern agriculture base.

We need to establish a strategic height for space science and technology innovation in terms of science research and innovation. We need to improve deep-sea science and technology research as well as a Hainan International Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Zone.

In tourism, we need to add more direct international flights in Hainan to major global target markets. We also need to implement more open and convenient offshore duty-free shopping policy to cover every tourist leaving Hainan Island for the development of holistic tourism.

We need to support the construction of modernized marine ranching in Hainan in terms of ocean economy.
 In terms of ecology, we need to establish monitoring system of modern ecological environment and resource protection. In addition, we need to initiate positively a pilot program of national park system and to establish national parks such as tropical forests.

In education and culture, we need to support Hainan University to build world-class disciplines. To do so, we need to encourage reputed institutions and research institutes from home and abroad to set up branches in Hainan. We also have to encourage Hainan to bring in high-quality educational resources. and to start high-level Chinese-foreign cooperative education and programs.

In terms of talent, we need to support Hainan to launch pilot reform for international talent management. To do so, we need to allow technical personnel, those with professional skills from foreign countries and those from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan to work and apply for permanent residence permits in Hainan. We also need to encourage overseas students with master’s degrees or above from Chinese universities to work or start businesses in Hainan.