Beidou plus G-series High-Speed Train: to Guarantee High Speed of G-series High-Speed Train with High Precision of Beidou System

The Beidou system in the space and the G-series high-speed train on earth are hailed as the national business cards for the new era of Chinese speed and Chinese standards. In fact, Beidou system has played its part in the achievement of G-series high-speed train with its high precision. In January 2013, together with her team, Professor Guo Jingjun, the director of the former Geo-Spatial Information Research Institute at Tsinghua University, participated in the “Application of Satellite Positioning and Laser Combining Technology in the Track Inspection and Monitoring of High-speed Railways” which was organized by China Railway Corporation. In August 2016, the project passed the acceptance inspection of the Ministry of Iron and Technology, thus taking a historic step of Beidou plus G-series high-speed train.

The unevenness of high-speed railway track will affect the comfort level of passengers during the journey. What is more serious is that it may also cause the train to slow down or even result in major safety risk of train derailment. The track inspection car independently developed by Professor Guo Jingjun and her team integrated the settlement monitoring of track works and the static detection of the track geometry into one entirety. Such technology is based on the monitoring and detecting technology system combined from Beidou-compatible GNSS satellite positioning and inertial navigation technology. While saving half of the cost, this system also improved the efficiency by one order of magnitude compared with the original technology, which greatly enhanced the operation, maintenance and preservation ability of G-series high-speed trains in China.

“What is Beidou precision? We required that the rapid static positioning accuracy must reach millimeter level.” Professor Guo Jingjun once said, “Track inspection technology must keep up with its developing pace if G-series high-speed train wants to develop. Our original inspection technology was imported from Germany and it was time-consuming and labor-intensive. So I wandered whether I could make use of Beidou technology to help and solve this problem.”

At present, through algorithm optimization, the new technology developed by Professor Guo Jingjun and her team can achieve up to 2 minutes and 3 millimeters’ static measurement for the characteristic points. The large-scale application of this technology enabled to achieve two-minute rapid and millimeter-level positioning of the absolute coordinates for the G-series high-speed train, thus ensuring a safe and reliable high-speed railway operation and saving the whole country several hundred million RMB every year.

In 2020, the railway mileage of the whole country will reach 150,000 kilometers, including 30,000 kilometers of high-speed railways. The main high-speed railway network will be established with “four vertical and four horizontal” high-speed railways. By 2025, the railway network will reach a scale of 175,000 kilometers, including 38,000-kilometer high-speed railway, thus basically achieving the target of building a high-speed rail network with “eight vertical and eight horizontal” railways as the main skeleton, regional railways as connection lines and interurban railways as supplementary routes. At the same time, because China is implementing the strategy of “going out” and opening up, no less than 20,000 kilometers’ high-speed railways around the world will be built by China in the next 10-20 years. In order to maintain the world’s leading position, the development of G-series high-speed train must also enhance its basis and the application of technological innovations. Through the integration of the new-generation of Beidou information technologies and high-speed railway technologies, we will achieve comprehensive improvements in high-speed rail intelligent construction, intelligent equipment, and intelligent operation technologies. Therefore, the railway operation will be more safe and efficient, more green, more convenient and comfortable, thus promoting the leading role of Chinese G-series high-speed train and its comprehensive technology innovations.

Chinese people always value the role of the Beidou very much no matter in ancient times or at present. From 2018 to 2020, Beidou Global Network will enter an intensive launch period. In the furture, based on Beidou system as the core, China will establish a safe and reliable positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) system, with seamless coverage of the world, high-precision connection and intelligence of all things. By then, time and space information services will permeate every corner of our lives with Beidou being everywhere at all times.