Yuanwang 3 Tracking Ship Successfully Completed the Maritime Survey and Control Task for the Yaogan 31-01 Remote Sensing Satellites

China launched Long March 4C carrier rocket from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, successfully sending the Yaogan 31-01 remote sensing satellites and micro-nano technology testing satellite into space and its scheduled orbit. Yuanwang 3 tracking ship fully accomplished its satellite maritime survey and control task at the scheduled sea areas.
 After the launch of the satellite, Yuanwang 3 tracking ship, which was thousands of miles away from Jiuquan, discovered and successfully captured the target in the vast ocean, thus “escorting” the rocket flight and providing an important guarantee for the successful orbiting of the satellite.

After the maritime survey and control task was finished, Ni Liuguo, the captain of Yuanwang 3 tracking ship, introduced to the reporter, “This is the second time of Yuanwang 3 tracking ship fulfilling the maritime survey and control since its first sailing, and it was implemented only 9 days after the first mission. Besides, this is also the most important mission in the history of China’s sea-based satellite survey and control during which Yuanwang 3 tracking ship has captured the most targets. During this mission, the tracking ship found the target in a timely manner with stable satellite tracking and effective data acquisition. All the scientific and technical personnel have overcome many difficulties such as short-term preparation, multiple objectives of survey and control, poor sea conditions and environment for the tasks. However, in face of these difficulties, they formulated a complete emergency plan, which laid a solid foundation for the successful completion of the mission.”

In the computer room on this tracking ship, the data processing server processed groups of survey and control data, and promptly transmitted it to China Xi’an Satellite Control Center, ensuring that the information exchange between the tracking ship and the control center was accurate.

Zhu Wenbo, secretary of the Party Committee of this tracking ship, said, “In the face of high-density task pressures, the Party committee of our tracking ship carefully organized and launched a Party Theme Day with a slogan of ‘being a pioneer, taking the lead and working for final victory’. All the scientific and technical personnel solemnly swore their oath under the Party flag and reviewed their oath for joining the Party, thus greatly inspired their responsibility to stay true to their convictions and ensuring their determination to fulfill the mission and guarantee complete success. We are confident and capable to win new and greater victories, handing over satisfactory answers to the Party and the people!”