Successful Maiden Flight for Hyperbola-1S Rocket in Hainan

At 2 am, April 5th, Hyperbola-1S rocket rushed to the sky in Hainan’s launching site, flight altitude exceeding 100km, maximum flight speed exceeding 1,200/s. It marked the successful completion of the first flight test of a commercial launch vehicle developed by Space Honor Ltd (Beijing).

This text is not only the maiden flight of that particular rocket model, but also the debut of Space Honor participating in the development of launch vehicle as China’s private aerospace company.

In recent years, emerging and rapidly growing companies, represented by Space X, have overthrown the traditional development concepts and commercial patterns of the aerospace industry. China private aerospace companies further promotes commercial aerospace layout, and continues to make breakthroughs in areas like commercial launch vehicle and small satellite, gradually becoming a major force in building China as a space power.  

Space Honor, as a young high-tech private aerospace company of China, targets at the competitive commercial satellite launch market, dedicating in constructing a commercial space transportation system that has high quality and efficiency and low cost. Hyperbola-1S is a single stage solid rocket and a trial verification model of the first solid launch vehicle Hyperbola-1 developed by Space Honor. This flight test completes an air test run of solid rocket engine, as well as the verification of various technologies, including solid rocket engine, integrated structural design, rapid test launch, commercial electrical equipment application, and virtual test application. It is an indicator that Space Honor has basic command of the key technologies in launch vehicle’s design, manufacture, test, final assembly and launch.

According to the head of Space Honor, during the development of the rocket, in addition to tackling technical problems, Space honor was also seeking to achieve innovation regarding R&D model and commercial model. On the basis of the principles of engineering development in aerospace system, Space Honor adopted the model of “science and technology innovation” + “industrial ecology” + “Internet-style rapid iteration”, and managed to finish the overall plan design, electrical and structural design and manufacture, rocket engine development and support as well as the assembly and test of the entire rocket, effectively shortening the cycle and reducing the cost while assuring the success rate. In the meantime, Space Honor introduced investors with stronger upstream and down stream matching and cooperating abilities, actively integrating different apects of advantageous resources in society such as capital, technology, human resource and laying an solid foundation for the future commercial rocket launch operation.