Earth Observation and Navigation Key Special Scientific Achievements Made Their Debut at Munich Satellite Navigation Summit

Munich Satellite Navigation Summit is one of the important conferences with international influence in satellite navigation. During March 5 to March 7 in 2018, the 15th Munich Satellite Navigation Summit was held at Munich, the capital of the German state of Bavaria. The theme of this summit was “Global satellite navigation system - key to AI”. Over 300 representatives from EU, the United States, Russia, Japan etc. participated this summit, among which 20 of represented China.

Satellite navigation system operators over the world including GPS from the United States, Beidou from China, Galileo from Europe, GLONASS from Russia, QZSS from Japan etc. attended this summit and delivered the introduction to the latest progress of their systems and the development plan for the future. The summit report was mainly about the introduction to the theme that “satellite navigation system would be the core technology in unmanned driving industry in the future”.

During this summit, NRSCC organized the forum of “innovative application of Beidou in China”. Wang Qian, director of NRSCC, made a speech, and Chinese experts from Ministry of Transport Telecommunication & Information Center, Beihang University, Wuhan University, Beijing BDStar Navigation Co., Ltd etc. introduced Beidou innovative application represented by Xihe system from different angles under the theme of Beidou application. Professionals from different countries at the meeting showed great interest in this forum and raised plenty of questions, thus heating up the atmosphere.

Shi Chuang, the professor and general expert of key research of Earth observation and navigation, and Chen Ruizhi, the professor and person in charge of the research in Wuhan University, made some reports. Professor Shi introduced the progress of Chinese Xihe system, and Professor Chen introduced the research achievements in indoor location and smart parking under the topic of Precise Smartphone Positioning Indoors, which are crucial parts in unmanned driving technology.

Since the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit started, staff in NRSCC has already participated in summit activities. With the strengthening of Beidou construction, NRSCC has actively carried out publicity and presentation works, promoting global peers communication and increasing the international community acknowledgement and recognition of Beidou.