Ningxia Province: Beidou Wide Application to Spring Production Helps Villagers Increase Production and Efficiency

The indigenous Beidou was applied widely to spring production this year. This field of wheat in Tawan Village in Wuzhong City of Ningxia Province was hard to interplant celery due to its complicated operation before. But nowadays, with the help of the Cooperative tractors installed with Beidou vehicle terminal, along with the mobile base station, the accurate autonomous driving could be reached.

The seeder installed with Beidou could realize the precision impossible for human beings.

This precision was not only about the precise location of celery seeds seeding, but about the accurate number of the celery seeds. This year, many cooperatives in Ningxia had applied Beidou, increasing the land utilization efficiency by 10% and the income of each mu by nearly one hundred yuan.