Beijing: The First National Joint Laboratory for High Precision Navigation Positioning Software and Algorithms was Established

On March 26, a joint laboratory for high precision navigation positioning software and algorithms was established in Beijing by China Software Testing Center and Quantuo Tong Positioning Network Co., Ltd. Aiming at the current problems in high precision navigation positioning software and algorithms, the joint laboratory closely followed industry application requirements and carried out testing and evaluation of software and algorithms around specific application scenarios, provided test reports for industry users and assisted in the formulation of Industry application standards. Meanwhile, the joint laboratory will also establish an open communication platform for software and algorithm and provided algorithm optimization services for navigation positioning enterprises and pushed forward the expansion of meter and sub-meter industries.

The joint laboratory established the evaluation committee head by academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Yuanxi and experts from the field of navigation positioning and algorithms such as Zhang Xiaohong, Xu Tianhe, Li Bofeng, Li Xingxing and Qian Yueliang served as members to guide the joint laboratory to conduct the testing and evaluation of navigation positioning and algorithm to ensure the fairness and authority of the results. Lu Shan, director of the China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute, issued the letter of appointment for experts of the evaluation committee.

Academician Yang Yuanxi proposed that the core of high-precision applications is the combination of solutions, software and algorithms. The joint laboratory should change the current status of the repetitive construction of the foundation reference station and take software and algorithms as the traction to promote high precision navigation positioning and algorithms development and meet the needs of industry applications.

Director Lu Shan said, China Software Testing Center has established a technology industry chain based on third-party services through its main business such as evaluation, supervision, certification, evaluation and design. It has an authoritative position in the industry. The joint laboratory built by China Software Testing Center and Quantuo Tong Position Network Co., Ltd. will promote the standardization of high precision navigation positioning evaluation and promote the application of high precision.

Zhang Quande, executive vice president and secretary-general of the China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Association, said that the construction of the Beidou satellite navigation and positioning system is progressing steadily, the construction of the enhanced system is accelerating and the high precision navigation positioning applications are in the ascendant. Under this background, the establishment of a joint laboratory for software and algorithms was at the right time and it captured the key link in the development of the navigation industry. I hope that the China Software Testing Center and Quantuo Tong will make use of the current favorable situation in the development of the Beidou and strive to build a domestic leading joint laboratory in the world.

Feng Zhongtang, assistant to the general manager of Shenzhen Huada Beidou Technology Co., Ltd., said that the Huada Beidou will gradually open a series of navigation chip platforms funded for research and development and work closely with the joint lab to provide an open algorithm and software development verification platform for the industry.

Han Shaowei, president of the Wuhan Navigation and Positioning Service Industrial Technology Research Institute, said that he hoped that the joint laboratory will actively carry out algorithm testing and algorithm optimization to better serve Beidou enterprises and boost the development of navigation applications. User representatives from China Post Group’s network operations department, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Hongteng Weitong and other postal and petrochemical industry users attended the inauguration ceremony.

In the future, the joint lab will initiate an alliance of high precision navigation positioning software and algorithm, build a high precision algorithm library, gather enterprises, associations and research institutes in the satellite navigation industry chain to jointly promote high precision navigation positioning applications.