Guizhou: will Enhance the Establishment of BeiDou Comprehensive Application Demonstration Area Around the Development of Big Data

On January 26th, the first session of 13th People s Congress of Guizhou province was inaugurated. Chen Yiqin, acting governor of Guizhou province, said in Government Work Report that Guizhou made big


Hunan: will Organize to Construct a Series of Civil Military Synergy Innovation Centers Concerning BeiDou Navigation

China s super computer, super hybrid rice, dynamics and control system of G-series high-speed train, low-to-median speed maglev system and other technological achievements have reached advanced world


Shandong: will Build "A Net" of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System Positioning Base Stations

Shandong Province has built 140 satellite navigation and positioning base stations, providing sub-meter real-time navigation and positioning services, covering the land area of province and offshore w


Zhejiang Province: Set up 1 Billion BeiDou Investment Fund to Assist the Geomatics Industry to Enter the Fast Lane

Recently, Huzhou Moganshan Hi-tech Zone and Zhejiang investment enterprises worked together to jointly set up the BeiDou Investment Fund with a scale of 1 billion yuan. In the first phase of fund of 2