Beijing: The First National Joint Laboratory for High Precision Navigation Positioning Software and Algorithms was Established

On March 26, a joint laboratory for high precision navigation positioning software and algorithms was established in Beijing by China Software Testing Center and Quantuo Tong Positioning Network Co.,


Hainan: Beidou Program expands to Clean Water Bay Information Industrial Park in Southern China

The Conference for Beidou Program s Entry into Hainan was held on March 19 th in Clean Water Bay International Information Industrial Park, Lingshui Li Autonomous County of Hainan. The Lingshui Beidou


Shaanxi: More Beidou navigation base stations will be built to greatly improve Beidou system accuracy

Recently, a reporter interviewed the front-line mapping team members in Shaanxi and witnessed their true wild life. When the reporter came to the hinterland of the Qinling, the leveling surveying team


The First “Hubei-Made” Space-based IoT Starts and Plans to Launch 80 Small Satellites

On March 15, the construction of the first Hubei-made space-based Internet of Thing starts and plans to launch 80 small cloud satellites, aiming to establish a space-based LoT that covers the globe in