Shaanxi: "BeiDou + New Agricultural Machinery" Helps Key Prevention and Control Period during the Spring Farming

The Voice of Rural China recently introduced a special spring farming program named Spring: The Best Time for Planting and Planning to report real-time dynamics of spring farming across China. In the


China's Beidou Navigation Satellite System to Be Applied in International Maritime for the First Time

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Maritime Safety, Communication, Search and Rescue Committee, has passed the proposal of Chinese delegation on the system performance standards of shipborn


Gansu: Lanzhou to install BDS Terminals on All Buses in 2017

It is learned from the Lanzhou Government Offices Administration Service Center that the Center plans to upgrade and expand its municipal-level vehicle dynamic information management system platform t


Guangxi to Promote Growth of BDS Industry

It is learnt from the Industry and Information Technology Commission of Guangxi Autonomous Region on March 12th that Guangxi will declare the comprehensive application of the BDS across the province i