Satellite Tracking Helping Turtle Nesting

At 20:20 on July 17, a green sea turtle landed on the beach in Guangdong Huidong National Nature Reserve of Turtles. It was ready to lay eggs. At 21:46 it had successfully laid 138 eggs. In fact, the


Pilot Electronic Fence for Sharing Bikes in Beijing with BeiDou Navigation Positioning and Bluetooth Identification

The emergence of nonstake sharing bikes brings bikes into the hailing age after taxi. According to incomplete statistics, China by now has over 30 enterprises operating Internet-base bike renting busi


Liaoning: Dandong City Heads out BeiDou Ship Terminals

The Delivering Tangible Benefits to Fishermen Kick-off Ceremony for Free Installation of Fishing Boat Navigation and Safety Equipment was recently held in the East Port. The Liaoning Fishery Administr


BeiDou sea rescue: 4 Fishermen Rescued When Typhoon Swept Fishing Boat in South China Sea

When the 4th severe tropical storm this year Talas approached the southern waters of Hainan Island at 14 o clock on July 15th, Hainan Maritime Bureau command center received a call: the Qiong Dan Fish