China’s Heating Industry Embraces the Application of BeiDou’s Precise Positioning

The GNSS and LBS Association of China (GLAC) and the China District Heating Association (CDHA) signed a strategic cooperation agreement on 12 th of July in Beijing. Two sides will, basing on BeiDou s


BeiDou Navigation Satellite System Intelligent Safeguarding Student ID Card

The functions of BDS Intelligent Safeguarding Student ID Card: 1.Position Location 2.Trajectory Tracking 3.Phone Function 4.Function Hibernation When Arrived at School 5.Unfamiliar Call Block 6.Electr


Wildlife Protection Features with BeiDou

As a species native to China, Tibetan antelope plays an important role in maintaining the ecological environment on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Tibetan antelope is an endangered species, whose populati


Position Monitoring Management System of Fishing Vessels in Nansha Islands by Ministry of Agriculture

Backgrounds China has a large number of shipping vessels, and ranks the world s No 1 in fishing vessels with a total 1.06 million of them about a quarter of the world s total. However, the safety equi