China to Launch 18 Satellites to Cover Countries Along the Routes in "The Belt and Road"

China takes to serve the countries along the routes in the One Belt and Road initiative as its priority in constructing the global system. Therefore, the country will launch 18 satellites to provide c


BeiDou Handset Forms the Nation’s Emergency Rescue Team

The heavy rain and flood disaster continue in southern China. In the flood fighting and rescue line, there are not only soldiers from the National Liberation Army, fire brigades, armed police force, o


BeiDou Tests Centimeter Level Positioning, Can Monitor Displacement of Dams during Floods

In the 2016 Technical Seminar of China BeiDou and the Industry of Internet of Things held on 23 rd of July in Nanjing, experts said that the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System which is independently d


National Wide Promotion of BeiDou Intelligent Elder-care Service Terminal

The BeiDou based intelligent elder-care example project, which attracted extensive public attention, has recently implemented in Taiyuan. In the promotion event, 1000 elder citizens have happily recei