“Beidou series” water network takes shape in East China Sea

Navigation Guarantee Center of East China Sea (NGCECS) of China s Ministry of Transport released that the construction of the RBN-DBDS and the BD-CORS implemented by Center achieved phased results. Th


Beidou meter-reading technology boosts the development of national power grid

Beidou employs its short message communication technology in the transmission of electricity data, opening up new space of the civilian use of Beidou and bringing to an end of the history of manual me


Satellite positioning device “witnesses” the overwintering trip of a lesser white-fronted goose

Recently, Hunan East Dongting Lake National Nature Reserve greeted the return of a lesser white-fronted goose which is a globally endangered bird equipped with a satellite positioning device. After se


Hubei creates new business model of employing Beidou, featuring “down-to-earth application of high-end system”

In the second half of this year, Hubei Beidou navigation pilot project was reviewed and approved by a national panel of experts in such as sectors as modern agriculture, people s livelihood and urban