Hubei: All Subsoiling Machinery Installed with Beidou Monitoring Equipment

This year marks the first year for Hubei Province to implement the subsidized pilot program of subsoiling machinery. The Ministry of Agriculture required Hubei Province to complete subsoiling of 150 m


The World’s First Magnetic Focusing Hall-effect Thruster Succeeds in On-orbit Verification in China’s SJ-17 Satellite

As was disclosed by 502 research institution of the Fifth Academy under China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation on Dec. 17 th , the magnetic focusing Hall-effect thruster system developed b


High-precision Satellite Positioning to Boost Faster Development in Tibet

The satellite navigation and positioning service system, a high-precision location service system that integrate is satellite navigation and positioning technology, communications technology and compu


China Welcomes over 100 Million Users of Direct Broadcast Satellite

In rural China, more than 100 million households are able listen to or watch radio and television programs transmitted by satellite. As of Dec.8th, the total number reached 104.78 million. The news wa