Shaanxi Province will build a number of satellite fire stations

Shaanxi provincial government has recently announced that Xi an in 2017 will greet 20 additional satellite fire stations, four additional fire-fighting squadrons in Caotan, Hongqing, Yinzhen Town and


Beidou Technology is Adopted into Agricultural Machines in Hubei to Make Machines Operate Automatically During the Night

China international agricultural machinery exhibition 2016 was held in Hubei a few days ago. An agreement is signed on the site between Hubei Academy of Engineering of Surveying and Mapping and agricu


Life Jackets Equipped with "Beidou Satellite"

In the 2016 Dalian International Maritime Exhibition opened yesterday, the life jackets equipped with Beidou system caught media s attention. There are three sensing technologies used in the jacket. W


Ningxia: to Achieve Full Coverage of the Network of Ningxia Satellite Navigation and Positioning Reference Station

Recently, the network of Ningxia Satellite Navigation and Positioning Reference Station has covered the whole region of Ningxia. This project, which is one of the basic projects for achieving a digita