The Beidou's Satellite System Is First Applied in Monitoring in the Area of Distribution Automation

At 11:29, December 27 th , 2016, the monitoring personnel at North Hebei Qinhuangdao Power Supply Company found that there was malfunction alarms on the monitoring platform for the Beidou power distri


"Beidou Leads to Dreams": Experts Explains the Application of Beidou to Primary School Students

Recently, professors from the School of Earth and Space Science of Peking University, the vice director of the Space Exploration Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Space Research, member


First Applications of Beidou Satellite System Electricity Distribution Network

A piece of brief news in the Network News Broadcast (Xinwen Lianbo) on Dec. 25 th attracted enormous attention. The Beidou satellite system was applied in electricity distribution network for the firs


Differential Navigation Positioning in Sea Areas in the North China Enters the era of Beidou/GPS Dual Mode

The RBN-DGPS station technical transformation project (phase I) sea areas of north China and main project of the monitoring improvement program have been completed and in trial operation, marks the Be