BDS Civilian Users up to Ten Million

The Beijing Gas Group recently revealed that the BDS has been employed for inspecting its 18,000 kilometers of natural gas pipeline and that the BDS will replace the GPS in 2020 to ensure gas safety i


Fujian: 400 BeiDou Data Transmission Terminal Stations Built to Cover Blind Spots of Meteorological Communication

How do the weather stations transfer real-time data in times of disastrous weather events and communication outage? In Fujian, BeiDou satellite early warning communication system is gradually becoming


New Technology Has Realized Rapid Diagnosis and Repair of the Beidou Terminal Devices

Currently, the non-contact intelligent detection system for the devices of Beidou s users has officially put into use for military tests. This system, which is small in size, convenient in operation a


Fujian Province: Luoyuan County Initiated the Application of Beidou Communication Technology to Improve the Grass-roots Level Meter-reading Efficiency

On February 17th, the working stuff from the measuring center of Fuzhou Luoyuan Power Supply Company has come to natural village Jiakeng in Feizhu Township to install the Beidou satellite communicatio