Beidou Navigation Services Shift from Asia Pacific to the Whole Globe

In December 27, 2012, with 14 satellites and 32 ground stations, China s Beidou Navigation System officially started to provide services to the Asia-Pacific region, and China s also became the third n


Hubei: Inspector in Hong'an Forest Equipped with BeiDou Patrol System

Geng Xianqian, a 56-year-old inspector in Hong an County of Hubei Province, embraced a new equipment, BeiDou Patrol Mobile Phone Application Terminal on June 20th. The new terminal allows him to immed


Why is the BeiDou Atomic Clock so Accurate?

In satellite navigation, time accuracy has always been a critical technical indicator. At the beginning of 2017, the 26 sets of rubidium atomic clocks (rubidium clocks) installed in the globally remar


Beijing: BeiDou Enables Fine Management of Sharing Bicycles

The Government Regulation and Service Platform for Sharing Bicycles (the platform) were put on-line and in operation in Tongzhou District, marking the initial application of the Solutions of Regulatin