BeiDou sea rescue: 4 Fishermen Rescued When Typhoon Swept Fishing Boat in South China Sea

When the 4th severe tropical storm this year Talas approached the southern waters of Hainan Island at 14 o clock on July 15th, Hainan Maritime Bureau command center received a call: the Qiong Dan Fish


BeiDou Technology Advances Development of Pasture Animal Husbandry in Northern China

In the past, I had to hire three or four laborers to take care of these animals, which is both costly and exhausting. It is much better now with the monitoring system. It only took me alone to look af


China's Beidou: Stand in Space, Serve the Whole Globe

At present, Beidou, consisting of 35 satellites, is planned to be laid out in the space, and the application of Beidou on the ground and industrial development are also booming. Around 2020, there wou


Hainan: The Establishment of Beidou and Other Comprehensive Command Platform with Complete Functions Is Required

On July 4, the reporter learned from the Hainan Provincial Public Security Frontier Corps that, Standards for Frontier Defense, Public Security, and Management of Hainan Coastal Ships and Fisherman wa